Galaxy Quest: Are those Thermians or are those humans?

Notice : I’m not trying to insult anyone, if you are feeling insulted I’m sorry. 

Usually when a person walks down the street, or anywhere at all, thoughts and judgments of  passing people will occur in your mind. “Oh look at that guy, his ears are the size of my grandmother’s dentures,” or “Wow that girl has a rainbow afro, she must be an alien from a different planet.” These are not just merely observations, these are judgments, judgments solely based on external appearances. In Galaxy Quest Jason Nesmith, the space captain, was approached by a group of Thermians who asked for help. Since the Thermians outer appearance was that of a human, Jason was unaware of the astronomical task he was accepting. This was because Jason judged the book by it’s cover. Thanks to Jason his crew was plunged into battles and a struggle against a super evil alien!ImageImage

Look at those harmless octopus guys. They’re just creatures of their own habitats, just like a human is from Earth, Thermians are from Thermi. For all we know we could look like the aliens. In society people have to take notice that there are more to people than what it seems on the outside. People have an inside too right? I mean look at this picture


What can we really deduce from the external appearance of this man? Absolutely nothing except that he has an afro and then he gels it down into a different hair style. Can we as people really tell who he is or what’s he like? Can we tell if he’s a big bully or actually a cat lover/ animal rights activist? No that’s impossible! Being “judgmental” and judging people can really affect society, it is a very unhealthy thing to do. What use is it to determine how other people are like just by looking at them? In our society don’t some people shy away from, for example, a person with 3 afro puffs because that’s one more than “normal”, or perhaps a man with a mustache on his head?


As you can see clearly on the picture above, the man has two mustaches, one on his head and one under his nose. Now what can you conclude from this picture? If you just thought of a “tag” for that man then you just judged him and you need to reflect on your actions. Now if your wondering what a “tag” is then here is the definition and no, it is not the paper stuck to a shirt. A “tag” is a word or set of words that are used to describe a person for example: red-head, mustache man, or glasses boy. These words are all “tags” that sometimes one person will use to describe someone else. This is some harmful behavior because not only are you giving someone a “tag” but you might also lower their self-esteem and hurt their feelings. As humans, no as people that love each other we must stop judging people! Actually a person doesn’t have to always judge someone else, books can be judged too. How many people have looked at a book and the cover was a disgusting mold color and it looked like it had mold too and decided not to read the book? Now what if i was to tell you that the book described was actually the number one best seller in the world? (This is just an exaggeration.) Folks, that is the lesson to be learned here today. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Not everything is as it seems.Image


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