Say Hello to my Little Friend!

What does hello mean to you? It could be just a greeting, a way to start a conversation, or to just plain be friendly to a stranger. However, hello could also be a way to take one’s troubles away from life. The other day my piano partner and I finished a duet piano competition at Fullerton College. Both of us went outside to enjoy the fresh air and sat on a bench. It was a little awkward at first because to be honest we just talking that year. We pulled out our phones and began surfing the technological world. After a few minutes passed, a stranger passed by, flipped his head under to see our eyes, and said, “Good day to you!” My friend and I were completely stunned, and he walked into the campus with a ripped backpack. I do not really know if he was just being friendly or if he was trying to get us away from our phones. Anyways, I have not seen him since and probably won’t again.
Just like my situation, a robot named Wall-E in Wall-E comes aboard a spaceship to meet many strange life forms he has never met before. He greets creatures and robots, and some are really awkward situations. In one scene, he meets a man who is talking on the phone with a friend that is just beside him! Wall-E tries to make conversation with the man, but is unsuccessful. After, the man tries to give an empty drink to throw away and ends up falling. How awkward right? In a way, Wall-E took away all of the man’s technological “problems,” just as the stranger took me away from phone.
In another scene, Wall-E jumps onto a cart where he meets a “busy” woman in a highly advanced chair. When he turns off her chair, she slowly realizes the wonders of the interior of the ship, such as shops, people around here, especially Wall-E, and later on, true love. She finally recognizes that technology was not the only thing created in world.
In the story All Quiet on the Western Front, a German soldier named Paul Baumer meets a complete stranger near a river during the Great War. He meets a FRENCH woman! A person from the enemy lines. However, both of them sleep in a warehouse near the a river later that night. Even though both Paul and the woman are violating their country’s laws, each are willing to show their love for one another.
In a weird way, both of the characters and I share one thing in common: Life problems. Each of us used types of conversations or actions to cope with them. No matter how difficult it is to do, it seems talking offers a way out of life. In everyday life, people, such as yourselves, continuously are distracted by things like technology, relationship problems, schoolwork, etc. However, some people greet you with a simple hi. Doesn’t that one word easily take your thoughts away from all the distractions? For me, it truly makes my day when the most random person comes up to me and starts a conversation out of nowhere. So, when life keeps you down, try talking to someone to get your mind off of problems.

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