Don’t Cut Your Hair!

Nowadays, everybody gets their hair cut. But I’m here to tell you, DON’T DO IT! It’s crucial you understand why it is not good to cut your hair. First of all i will draw examples from the celebrated legendary heroes of old such as Goku, Bo-bo-bo bo-Bo Bo-bo-bo, and Samson (from the Bible). These three great men all show why it is important that hair is not cut. Let’s take a look at Goku. Look a seemingly normal guy.

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but when you add some hair he turns into a super saiyan, the strongest beings in the universe. Look at that super saiyan 3 goku, just magnificent. He is a force to be reckoned with, some more hair and he could become super saiyan 4 the most amazing and invincible form of Goku. See that’s just one example of why hair should not be cut.

Next let’s take a look at Bo-bo-bo bo-Bo Bo-bo-bo, he is also incredibly strong and he is a master of the legendary nose hair fist kung fu. He’s at the top of the food chain, but how did he get there? He takes great care of his beautiful hair and makes sure his hair is not cut. In fact, he is such a man of hair that he does not shave nor pluck even a single hair from his body. He has achieved such a mastery over his hair that he can control his nose hair at will and destroy all his foes with his mystical kung fu syle. This mastery and greatness was achieved by not cutting hair. Hair is important!

The last example of why your hair should not be cut is Samson. In the bible it is said that he possessed great strength due to his faith in God and because of his long luscious hair. He was so strong it was said that he destroyed battalions by himself due to his great awesome strength. He always kept his hair long and never cut it , that was the secret to his amazing strength. However, he was tricked and his hair was cut. When Samson’s hair was cut he lost all his power, he became a weakling. He lost his power when his hair was cut. That’s the most important piece of information in the history of hair. Now that you have learned about the 3 grandmasters of hair, you should know not to cut your own hair anymore. Don’t cut your hair!

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One thought on “Don’t Cut Your Hair!

  1. Merci pour le blog sympa. Il a été très utile pour moi. Continuez à partager ces idées dans l’avenir aussi. Ce fut effectivement ce que je cherchais, et je suis heureux de venu ici! Merci pour le partage des ces informations avec nous

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