How To Become A Superhuman (educational Count of Monte Cristo version)

Spoiler Alert: For anyone reading this post, please beware that this blog post is about the book Count of Monte Cristo (If you haven’t read this story yet, or don’t want any spoilers then I am not responsible for any amazing pieces of information that you may come into contact with) which tells the tale of a man achieving the status of a superhuman. The story talks about a young man going through hardships and struggles but with the combination of sheer luck, willpower, and being a boss, the young man is able to push through the deep abyss he is in and come out a new man. Like a Phoenix reborn from the ashes, this young man emerged from the deep pits of the prison which confined him and came out a superhuman.

Now after that brief introduction of the Count of Monte Cristo (the young man I just described earlier in the post) I will explain how he became a superhuman and how it is possible for normal mortals such as us to also attain such powers. First of all, the Count of Monte Cristo was a happy young man before he became a superhuman. He shed tears, laughed, and had fun. He had such promise for the future, becoming a ship captain at age 20 and marrying a beautiful girl from his hometown. But, those good things were just not meant for him, no, there was much more in store for him, bad things, but also much better future events to come for the young man. You see the young man faced struggles, he was envied because of his seemingly great future prospects, and this envy took form and became a monster imbued with hatred which led to the arrest of the young man due to false evidence and the sentence of life imprisonment. Wow, now that is a party pooper. Struggle is good though, because after a struggle, there will be great improvement or accomplishment. Something will happen!

Here’s an example, Goku. Goku didnt simply become a Super Saiyan just by thinking about it. NO! Goku achieved Super Saiyan mode when he was pushed to the brink by Frieza, but he struggled and managed to become Super Saiyan 1. In the picture above Goku is Super Saiyan 3, which was achieved after a struggle with his own body. After about 3 whole minutes of constant yelling and screaming he is able to grow his hair out about 300% and he becomes a lot stronger. Now that is a role model right there. It’s all in the struggle. The Count of Monte Cristo also struggled, he put himself through vigorous exercise and in parts of the story, the details of the Count’s strength show how he is no ordinary mortal. No, he is a superhuman, not on the level of Goku and the Super Saiyans, but a superhuman none the less. In the story he is said to have an iron grip and resistance to poison and some pain. He is also incredibly strong and stealthy. (Must be from the oriental ninja training) Now the lesson that can be learned from the Count is that strength and power can not simply come naturally. They must be kindled and set ablaze. They must be looked after and cared for. There must be work and dedication, a strong resolution in order to strengthen oneself and become a superhuman. Now go on and become a superhuman! Follow the inspirational ways of Goku and the Count. Yell your head off for 3 minutes straight and you just might become a super saiyan. Go through intense struggle and hardship and come out like a phoenix just like the Count of Monte Cristo. Remember, you can also achieve the status of superhuman with intense vigorous training.


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