The Readiness is All

“The readiness is all.” What does this exactly mean? Does everything in life need to be ready at that exact moment? In a way, yes. Every moment of your life needs to be prepared for anything that comes your way. It could even be a flying spaghetti ball heading your way in a cafeteria! I guess what I’m trying to say is, well, “the readiness is all.”


In my English Class, I was watching a documentary called “Guru of Go.” It was about a coach who taught all his teams to ready for anything that came their way, both physically and mentally, to prepare for their basketball games. He trained them to the point where the impossible was possible. In the doc, one of the incredible players was Hank Gathers. He was a perfect example of why being ready is always needed. Whenever it came to basketball, he always gave it one hundred percent effort, no matter how difficult his mind thought it was. There was nothing that stopped him! Except a heart condition that stopped his career. You may be telling yourselves at this very moment, “There is no way I’m going to try hard,” or “It is not worth the time and effort.” However, in NCAA history, he was the second player to lead the USA nation in scoring and rebounding in a single season. Hank’s lifestyle represented more than just a basketball career. It was a sign that anything was possible if you put you mind to it.


At Fountain Valley High School, this is an activity known as the Bell Games. It has been created for a long time, only to create school unity within the school community. The Fountain Valley Barons face off against the the Edison Chargers for the Bell. The Bell is not some silly old piece of ringing device. It is a symbol of the sweat, training, and blood that each school has given to participate in the Bell Game. Each year, Fountain Valley High’s Football Team train endlessly to prepare for this one important event. The football coach does not care if a player is tired or wants to give up. No. He wants his players to be fatigued so that when they are in the real game, they will be used to it. Once they are on that football playing field, the readiness is all. Each player has trained relentlessly to prepare for this moment. Through hard work and dedication, the Baron Football Team is ready to face the Edison Chargers head-on. Even though for the past years they have lost the Bell, they will try to break through that impossible streak to earn back the Bell!

Everyday, we face things we believe are impossible to do. Yet, at the end of the day, we overcome them. Think back 50 years ago. Before then, traveling on the moon was unthinkable. Now, look at us today. We are roaming space as if we own it. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that things that seem impossible are, in fact, possible. We just need to keep our spirits up and be ready at all times.


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