Moustaches: The Mark of a Man

There are many types of moustaches in the world. Ranging from “The Pencil” or the “Fu-Manchu”  all the way to the “Horse-Shoe” or “The Handlebar.” It is fair to say that the moustache is a custom shared by the entire world. Moustaches are important in the life of a man. It surely marks the end of boyhood, and the beginning of manly manliness.  But, some people are blessed to have this ancient and shared gift bestowed upon them.

It is commonly seen that females have different ways of styling their  hair. That leaves the men who have short hair sad, and left out. We fell as if we are boring and carry the same appearance everyday  for the rest of our lives.  But with the moustache, a man can too style their “lip hair”. Moustaches enable us to put on our own unique appearance.

Before I conclude, I would like to share a secret that is passed among those blessed to carry the gift of the moustache. NEVER SHAVE IT. Your moustache(if you do carry this gift) is as sacred as the carpet of the gods. It is said that the hairs of the moustache are actually fur from the carpet in Olympus springing fourth from your upper-lip. So every time you shave that moustache, you are using up the fur from the carpet of Olympus. Now you know how blessed you are to have a moustache, or as I should say now, a carpet of Olympus, on your upper lip. So try not to shave the carpet of the gods off, and go forth and share what you have learned, my disciples!


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