Sweet Sweet Revenge

Alright let’s get this straight, revenge is sweet. It’s awesome to see someone get knocked down from their high horse. But just pushing down from them their house horse is not good enough. If you want real schadenfreude you’ve got to be more crafty. You’ve got to do it so that they fall off their horse, but don’t ever suspect you of doing it. For revenge to have its full effect, you’ve got to push the person down the same way they got on their high horse.

Let’s say some someone stole your last chocolate-chip cookie, what do you do? Of course you’re probably thinking that you take the cookie back or punch them in the arm. But that’s WRONG. Cunningness is the answer. What you want to do is to buy all the chocolate-chip cookies in your area. That way the person who stole from you, will be forever deprived of any chocolate-chip cookie; while you are basically sitting with a life time supply of cookies.

Here is the analysis of the technique above. As you can see, you’ve pushed the cookie-thief off of his high horse. He thought that he would be satisfied that he had a cookie, but at your own expense. Also there would be no way that you’re responsible of the cookie drought. You’ve also pushed the thief off his high horse the way he got on it, by taking away the cookie.But, the most important things you need to remember is to take your revenge incognito and to strike with the exact fist you were stricken with. Now you see, an eye for an eve and a tooth for a tooth. Also you should know that sweet revenge comes to the patient. You should wait for that right moment to attack. If you strike at the wrong moment, your rival might be able to see your tactic and now you’ve lost your only chance.

Even if you want to have your revenge, you should always have forgiveness on the back of your mind. You need to be able to justify the wrong act done upon you. You need to strike with the same fist you were stricken with, but also with the same force. If your rival asks for forgiveness while you are taking revenge, you should forgive them. This shows how well you’re taking your revenge, it also shows that you are stronger than your rival. How so? If your rival can dish out fire, but can’t take it, it proves that the person is a weak coward and you are strong. Remember, even Jesus said that you should be as cunning as a snake, yet as innocent as a dove.



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