We are all in this together.


            So, earlier this week, I was watching a film in my English class called Seven Samurai by Akira Kurosawa. It was a 1954 classic film about war that had a few gory scenes, but had many touching ones as well. At first, I thought the film was The Last Samurai. When I first watched it, I was like, “THIS ISN’T THE LAST SAMURAI!” However, in the end, the film was amazing, and I would highly recommend it to everyone. To be brief, it is about a war between farmers and bandits. The former go to a village and ask 7 samurai to help them defend against the bandits.

During the same week, I came across Disney Channel, and watched High School Musical. The story is about two young lovers from different worlds who perform acts that their school community does not like. I know some of you believe this is a childish movie, but bear with me. Though this film does not involve war, it created similar themes in comparison with Seven Samurai. Both films had two same themes: courage and perseverance.

For the farmers in Seven Samurai, Akira greatly showed the theme of courage. In the movie, they were shy peasants who had a bad history with the samurai, such as stealing crops, rape, and murder. As you can tell, their life was not the greatest. In one scene, after they got 7 samurai, the farmers had to learn how to fight. If any of you have never experienced with a school fight or even war, you should know that thoughts of fear arise. Even for some people, the idea of even fighting is terrifying! However, in the end, each farmer gathers their courage and fights to defend their farm from bandits.

On the other hand, the lovers in High School Musical, Troy and Gabrielle, immediately show the first sign of courage with the karaoke scene. Now, as teenagers, we all are shy and don’t like to sing (well at least not in public). However, Kenny Ortega, the director of the film, shows how both must muster up the strength to sing in front of a crowd. From there, both singers realize that they are great at singing!

Now for the other theme: Perseverance. For the peasants and samurai in Seven Samurai, everyone had to keep themselves mentally strong to continue the war. At harsh times, the farmers almost lost complete hope, but there was always one person who brought them back together. For example, before the war started, the samurai told the farmers that they could not defend the homes across the bridge. One of the farmers at first was against this idea, and tried to start a rebellion.  In another scene, the bandits burned the villagers’ homes on the other side of the bridge. Families cried for their homes and wanted to stop fighting. However, the farmer, who was originally against the idea, pulled the people together and told them to get back to their posts.

For the wonderful life of High School Musical, Troy and Gabrielle continuously face the idea of peer pressure. Throughout the beginning of the movie, the friends of both the lovers continuously disown the idea of doing a talent show. Although their friends did this, both Troy and Gabrielle persevered through the hardships and did the musical. In the end, their friends encouraged doing the show.


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