Night and Determination

Night and determination
So in English class, the students now have to read a book titled Night, by Elie Wiesel. Night is a book about the experience of a holocaust survivor, the journey of a boy into the kingdom of the night. This book is the truth about the concentration camps and the situation concerning Jews at the time. Although this is a short novel, it is extremely impactful, and, I’m pretty sure it can change a person’s outlook on life. Now on to the main point, Night teaches many lessons about the world and one lesson that I think is it the most important is determination. The determination to live, to laugh, to have fun, to excel, the thirst for life. I think determination, passion, is one of the most important things that mankind needs. Without determination, why would people do anything?   

Look at Bruce Lee’s training regiment, he wasn’t able to become the great Bruce Lee with just wishful thinking alone. Bruce Lee followed incredible training, martial arts, weight training, as well as other types of exercises. He was able to become, in my view, the greatest martial artist in the world due to determination. Determination to become the master of his body, the master of his mind, the master of himself.

Such determination is necessary in life an example, going back to night, is Eliezer and his father. Eliezer and his father were both put into a concentration camp and it would have been incredibly easy for them to die and end the suffering, but they had a plan, a goal, to escape the camp and return alive to their family. While this goal of staying alive and being freed only happened to Elie, it was because he was so incredibly determined to stay alive and to get out. His father, although determined as well, was aging and the camp was taking a toll on his mind. That determination soon fell away to insanity which resulted in his death (sadly). Basically, the point I am trying to get across here with the comparison of Bruce Lee and Night is that, in life, determination is necessary. Not only is determination necessary but some hard work is also needed in order to reach a goal and that is all due to determination. Think about it, is it possible for a stick to suddenly transform into a Hulk character? Sure it is, but, while it may be hard, if one is determined enough they might be able to transform from this, to that.


Now, you wonder, what to do? Find something special that you are interested in and develop a goal, stay determined and keep strong until you reach your goal. That is true determination. Just as Eliezer was able to stay alive throughout the holocaust and was able to write a novel with such impact. That determination was what kept him alive. I truly believe that determination is needed for mankind in order to progress and advance, and also for mankind to achieve any goal.


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