Elie Project

In the story Night by Elie Wiesel, Elie, a young 16 year old boy, walked miles on end with the rest of the Jewish people to their next concentration camp. To himself, he thought that ceasing to exist was the best escape from his miserable life. But, there was one thing that stopped him from such a thought. His father. He knew that if he died, his father could not take care of himself. For me, I stand in this position. In my family, screaming and yelling occurs, echoing off the walls of my home. Sometimes, I have the thought of running away from my life, believingni can be free from this horrible environment, However, just like Elie, I realize that my family needs me. Without me, who will support my siblings when they grow up? Who will take care of my elders when they are weak? It is because of these thoughts that I realize I MUST stay and persevere to support my gamily when they are in need.

Here is a site that explains why children run away.


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