Never give up

(Tribute to Night pg. 105)  Always keep this in your heart.

In the novel Night, we are introduced with a boy in the middle of the holocaust. Now hopefully you have read Night before you read this post but if you haven’t it’s okay. The main point is, on page 105 the readers can visualize a setting, a situation in which the conditions are unendurable and inhumane. So inhumane, in fact, that many people die just after they arrive into the concentration camps. Now the reason I’m giving this introduction is to show how bad the conditions were, it was snowing and the prisoners were out with unsuitable clothing. It’s like a sheep, with all of it’s wool sheared off, getting thrown into the Arctic Ocean and expected to survive. That just isn’t going to happen. Image

A person has to have a lot of determination just to survive those conditions. Without determination, Elie would have died and a valuable account of the holocaust would have been lost. Thankfully, due to guts and determination Elie survived. In life determination is needed, how are you going to achieve your goals, survive in life, or do anything at all without determination? Determination is everything.

“Determination gives you the resolve to keep going in spite of the roadblocks that lay before you” – Denis Waitley



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