Who Actually Knows How to Read?

Many people “read” texts, words, or sentences. Are people actually understanding what they read or are they merely scanning the strange characters on the page as one usually does with text in a foreign language? People nowadays no longer read in the way they were supposed to, by actually understanding the ideas they were reading. Who here, currently reading this article, can comprehend every single word, phrase, and sentence in everything that is meant to be read. I, for one, can not. The purpose of this small post is to give people the idea that we, as readers, have to start doing our job. We can’t just read novels or stories and then pretend that they have no purpose or that the author did not graft any sort of meaning into the words. From now on, when I read any sort of combination of words, I will try read them and understand them. Question the meaning and purpose, analyze, and know. Please repeat after me the pledge of the TRITrue Readers International Association. “From now on I will read anything meant to be read, understand anything meant to be understood, analyze anything meant to be analyzed, know anything meant to be known, and again, read what is meant to be read.” After repeating this pledge you will have become a member of the TRIA so please start reading and follow the ideals shown in the pledge. Live a True Reader.



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