A Need for Thinking

In my English class, students are supposed to “buy seeds” and “grow them”. While I have just said buy and grow seeds, I do not mean to literally buy seeds and grow them. What I mean by buying seeds is the act of finding/thinking of creative ideas and growing them by putting the ideas into action. I like to think of this activity as something very important in life. In life regardless of the situation, people will almost always be thinking and having thoughts. I urge all readers of this post and all thinkers to participate in the activity of buying and growing seeds. Since people are always thinking, why not think of creative or interesting things that might benefit mankind. Too many people nowadays do not think and instead act robotically. This is stunting human growth and life. How can humans evolve with a stifled environment? I think that if people were encouraged to think creatively and outside of the box, the world would be a much better place to live in. Think of all the creative things that imaginations creates, what if some of those imaginations could come true? I ask the readers to take a moment and think everyday, get those imagination juices flowing. There’s no need to be the next Steve Jobs or the next Bill Gates but I think if people started to think less rigidly there would be more innovations and creations in the world. Basically, thinking is an important thing in life. Please use your brain. creativity thinking


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