Why Not Eat Ice Cream

Ice cream has to be the best creation of mankind. Today I wanted to take the time today in this blog post to explain the beauty of ice cream and why everybody should eat it. First of all Ice Cream is a product made from a mixture of milk, sugar, vanilla, and other flavors or toppings. After being frozen the Ice Cream is in its perfect condition and is ready to be eaten. Ice Cream comes in many different flavors ranging from strawberry to mint to chocolate and much more. Ice Cream comes in so many tastes that everybody can eat it. If a person does not like chocolate then they can eat pistachio and vice versa. There’s no excuse for not eating ice cream! Also I would like to point out that ice cream has been said by some to help one’s complexion and also to give a bit of roundness to a person which can be quite a plus for some. The perks of eating ice cream is coupled with practically no cons.

I strongly encourage all viewers to eat ice cream and spread the wealth. I believe Ice Cream will bring smiles to all the people in the world, which is why I believe more and more people should be eating it. Think about it this way, if your still hesitant,  if you eat ice cream what do you have to lose? Nothing is the correct answer. Below are some great works of art that I hope will stimulate interest in Ice Cream and will help bring others to the great wonder of Ice Cream.

lots of ice cream ice cream bow


P.S. (My own Personal Experience Tidbit) Ice Cream has honestly changed my life and how I live. Ice Cream is no longer JUST a food, it’s a divine gift that should be relished. I’m able to use Ice Cream as a topic to just about anything whether it be in class, or as a conversation starter. Ice Cream has led me to maturing as a person as the nutritional value coupled with the hidden value combine to better a person. Now some of you readers might think I’m crazy when I say hidden value, but i really mean it. The hidden value is different for each person as no one is the same. For me it’s relaxation and confidence. With Ice Cream I’m able to express myself more freely which is really quite wonderful.(Don’t ask how because even I don’t know, Ice Cream works wonders).If you have gotten this far into this post, I hope you will take the time to wonder about your own hidden value and what you might get out of simply eating Ice Cream. Think and be amazed.



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