Hester the Lone Warrior

Hello again readers, what’s happening. Its your boy over here going to give you viewers another post to enjoy. So this is going to be Scarlet Letter Hester ft. Warriors (hit remix). If you have not read the Scarlet Letter yet i highly suggest you do so now before continuing this post unless you care for some spoilers or don’t even care about the book and just want to read something to entertain yourselves for a while. Get Ready.

In the Scarlet Letter, the readers are introduced to the main character very quickly in the beginning of the novel. Hester the adulterer, Hester the single mother, Hester the Warrior. Now let me give you the true definition of a Warrior. A Warrior is a courageous person with either great strength, no fear, or the manliness to face the fear.. An example of a Warrior would be when an obviously scared man goes into a haunted house on Halloween and faces his fears like a Man. He grabs his cahonies and faces the scare. What a Warrior. Hester, like that man, is a Warrior. Hester shows her Warrior qualities when she goes through all the trials and struggles in the novel with a strong attitude. She perseveres and pushes through regardless of the humility and shame she has and regardless of the cold manner in which all the townspeople treat her with. This is truly inspiring, she raises her child all by her lonesome, works all by her lonesome, and goes through life mostly by her lonesome( Without another adult). She perseveres and gets through life majorly by her own strength. That’s a Warrior. Hester though, is a Lone Warrior.

female warrior

I wanted to make this post because I think there are not enough warriors in the world. There just are not enough. A Warrior does not even have to be lone, the important part is that they go through life, and face the hard parts of life with strength and courage. Determination and Perseverance. Struggle and Pushing through. Those are all qualities of a true Warrior and what society needs more of. There are too many followers, and not enough leaders. Not enough people with some backbone. Where are the true warriors at?


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