The Meaning of an Essay

Whatsup Readers and all you writers in the viewers. Today in class I read an essay about, ironically, essays. It really got me thinking on things like are we writing correctly? Do we writers write essays or academic articles? Do we provide a gateway to an unknown world? Do we even know how to write? What is an essay and what makes an essay? All these questions spawned by the reading of the essay Essay.

Essay written by Daniel Coffeen really stimulates the mind, really gets the mind thinking. Before reading the rest of this article all of you viewers should really read the article first. (google)  At first I wondered, why read an essay about essays but after two reads I got the message I think Coffeen is trying to give. My view on his essay is that the true meanings of essays are to act as doors to the souls of the writer. Kind of like a magical portal. It’s magic, it’s a portal, it goes somewhere. Where does the portal lead to? People will never know until they take that first step inside. After the first step into the portal, a magical world is exposed. A world that would have never been seen without the magical portal. That’s what I think essays are and that’s also the idea I think Coffeen is trying to portray in his essay.  As Coffeen said, “An essay is uncharted: you never know where you’ll end up”. So think about it and look into yourself, what thoughts and ideas do you have? What do you have that is unique to your mind? There’s an essay inside of you somewhere.


Now what is an essay composed of? What notes are stringed together to make a beautiful sonata? Ideas, words, thoughts, straight from the mind all coming together and mixing and colliding. Now those are what makes an essay. In that swirling mass of expression, an essay is being born. Straight from the mind come the greatest ideas. An essay to me, a window into the soul, a magical portal to a magical world, what does an essay mean to you?

magical world


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