Is There a Treasure Map for Books?

So in class we are reading the Great Gatsby and we are going in very deep detail about narration and how the author uses rhetorical devicees in order to convey his message. It’s really a new experience for me because usually all the past english classes have been about looking and recognizing symbols as well as defining them but in AP English there is a difference. Gone are the symbol explanations and in are the searches for focalizers and shifts in narration. It really makes me wonder about what I should look for in a book and it really gets the mind thinking about what is there in a book?  Is there an X that marks the spot in the area that we need to read and know? Does the author lead us to the ideas he wants to convey to us? How are we even sure that we are reading/ analyzing what the author wanted? All these questions are ones I ask myself while I read and wonder about the meaning of the words and the story. If anyone has an answer or a lead to what things to effectivley search for please respond in the comments.



One thought on “Is There a Treasure Map for Books?

  1. The author doesn’t care what you analyze! What connections do YOU find when you read? In our class we pay attention to the language of a text (the words used, the way the words are organized) and to what effect? to what affect? How does an author use language to achieve a purpose—a purpose found within the text, not within the author’s brain.

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