Go be Based!

Some people ask What is based? I will say based is a way of life, no it is life. Based is lifestyle. Being based and a follower of Lil B AKA the Based god is a way of life and entails living as a positive person. Being filled with positiviity and love for others as well loving one’s brothers and sisters in life are all parts of being based. Being a good person following the teachings of the based words will make life better. With more based people in the world, the world would be a much more positive world. I’m not exaggerating, go on facebook, on twitter, follow the Based god and immerse yourself into his world. Immerse yourself in the based and realize what life is truly about. Stay based all you based followers and go learn how to be based if you aren’t one already. Go spread positivity!

P.S. watch the video below and learn about the Based life to get somewhere in life. It’s very inspirational and will make you think about things differently in life. (P.P.S. the video below is from yung god a follower of the based and is explicit)


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