The Essence of Teamwork

After watching cartoons for half of my life I’ve realized that there are countless upon countless of life lessons that are taught every minute, every hour, and every day of our lives. An example of a powerful life lesson I learned was from Dragon Ball Z where Goku needed to defeat Broly and save mankind. Broly was beating Goku and all the other Z fighters until eventually they were all so worn out that they decided to all give Goku the rest of their energy so that he could power up and finally beat up Broly. Without that teamwork and sacrifice, Goku and the rest of the Z fighters would have been destroyed by Broly and mankind would be no more. Another time was when there was a fight on Earth and Goku once again needed the energy of the Earth to destroy the new threats whether it was Frieza or Cell or a different villain. Goku wouldn’t have been able to develop the needed energy for the spirit bomb himself, it was the combined energy of all the plants, animals, people, and life in the world that helped Goku make his spirit bomb and save the world. That was a combined effort not a solo effort. This shows that with teamwork mankind can be saved! (well only in certain situations). Teamwork can really change a situation from bad to good to better.

goku spirit bomb

In my English class we have a final called The BRAWL, an acronym for Battle Royale All Will Learn which is basically a battle of knowledge among all the students that demands a large extensive knowledge of a book. Alone the task would be near impossible, preparing for every question would take days and days but in a group it can be shortened down to a single day. My group has really been working together as one unit and it is that reason why we will be successful and why we will dominate.

Think about it, one mind or two mind? Two minds or four minds? How many fresh perspectives and takes on a situation can a lone person think of and how many could a collective group come up with? Teamwork is especially important in doing practically everything in life. In fact I think teamwork is useful for everything in life. Teamwork makes everything possible and makes many tasks many times easier and better, this ranges from tying shoes, cleaning a house, painting a fence, doing homework, creating a pinata, performing in an orchestra, innovating new ideas for the market, making a spirit bomb, managing a family, and keeping life peaceful in a country. The government is a not one person, it’s a group of people, that is team work. An Orchestra is not a single violinist, it’s a huge group of different people playing different instruments. This really is the essence of team work, many people working together to do something.

Teamwork is a simple thing that is used to do anything in life. From simple things in life to difficult tasks like 1000 piece jig saw puzzles teamwork does them all. And imagine that, it was all from a cartoon Dragon Ball Z. Remember readers, you can learn from the most unlikely places. Now go out into the world and do some teamwork, it’s good for you.



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