Collaborative Writing Progress 2/24/14

Hello readers, welcome back for another round of news and this time, it is good news about our project. As you might already know if you have been reading my previous posts, my group’s project has not had very much progress and was in fact at a standstill due to communication problems and long holidays. Even after getting clearance from the administrator from the Boy’s and Girls club, we did not set up concrete times to come in and because of that, our progress was slowed in getting access to the kids from the club.

Last Friday was the most successful day of our project so far because I was able to go with my teammate and not only set up concrete times for future visits, but also because we were able to meet more kids and create more relationships that would greatly help our project. On that Friday, my group mate and I were able to obtain 3 more stories written by the kids which makes our total count at 7 now.  At this rate if we continue to go every week we will have 6 stories a week and by the closing of this project we will possibly have 30-40 pages which is in my opinion a pretty sizable work. Overall the last week has been some incredible progress and I hope the rest of this project will progress as smoothly if not better from now on.


(image credits to google images as always)


2 thoughts on “Collaborative Writing Progress 2/24/14

    • actually we were thinking about making it into a full-length story book but it would have put some pressure on the children and since we wanted to let their creative juices run free we decided to just make it a compilation of various children stories and topics. Thanks a lot!

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