Are Jellyfish Aliens or are We the Aliens?

Imagine the vast ocean shimmering bright blue with the reflection of the magnificent orange sun wavering on the waters. Now dive deep down into the ocean and whallah! The mythical jellyfish are there. Now in my classes a very interesting topic was brought to the table and that is normality. What is normal and what is abnormal? How can we people say something is wrong or right, animal or non animal? If Jellyfish or any other animal could talk would they ask why we humans were so strange? Is the clear see through vase like body of the jellyfish weird or is it normal. Are our skins and hair weird or normal? This question “what is normal” is so thought evoking. I think there are always at least 2 sides of anything . A rich man’s trash is a poor man’s treasure? Objects and things in life all have more then one way to be looked at. From our point of view jellyfishes are weird but from their point of view we are probably the weird ones. See it is all about point of view. I think the word “normal” is just very subjective and is incredibly hard to determine.

alien sea jellyfish

I want to ask the readers their thoughts on the question that I talked about in this post. Is there a definite normal? What is normal? I think it is very interesting how people are so willing to believe their own thoughts/definitions for an object but not take a different approach to look at the object. I urge you readers to start looking at life in more then one way, reverse the way you look at things and find how surprisingly different things look. (By the way this question was spurred from a psychology video of an autistic individual with a capacity for typing out speech and understanding. This individual raises many questions about life most notably “What is normal”. If anyone is interested in the video with the autistic individual please comment and I will try to find and post the video.)

2sides of a story

 *As always photo credits to google images



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