Collaborative Writing (Progress from 3/8/14)

Hey readers and anyone that are still following up on this project. So as you know my group and I have been very busy lately going to the boys and girls club to meet with kids and to write with them. Well initially we started off just doing random topics or topics the kids liked but then I had a moment of inspiration, an epiphany! I thought, why not let the kids untapped pools of creativity and imagination and have them create their own story? So far I have been putting my plan into motion but it is quite hard getting the kids to cooperate but I think it will do. Instead of giving a random prompt, I told the kids to create a character of a magical/ imagined world of their own and to describe and name the characters. It was a success in that the kids stayed on topic and created characters that had good descriptions and backgrounds but then there were those that simply had a hero a name and nothing more. Still characters like super monkey or hobo man that came from the children’s minds are still very interesting. 

I am basically letting the children create the whole story without them knowing it. Now with the characters I can start getting them to create worlds for them and real problems for them. Now that is the challenging part and trying to think of individual stories for each kid is tough. If anyone has any suggestions for me that would make it easier for the creative stories to happen please comment below.



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