Just A Little Encouragement

In English class we have been reading a novel title “Grapes of Wrath” and so far it is pretty interesting. If you have not read the book yet let me warn you ahead of time that the book is not about grapes or about wrath or about aliens or war or anything that exciting, rather, it is about a poor farmer family’s journey to California. I know right, that would somehow deserve the name of Grapes of Wrath because grapes can somehow be wrathful and have person like qualities.

Anyway, so far the Grapes of Wrath has been following a family by the name of Joad around and is talking about the struggles and hardships the farmers had to face during the dust bowl and the great depression and how they were getting cheated by their own fellow man. That is just not right and I wanted to make this post to encourage the Joads and to tell them to never look back and to keep on moving forward. Those people might stop them for a little bit, there might be more obstacles ahead but the important thing is to keep going and to persevere with determination.

I think that is a huge lesson that Steinbeck was trying to teach the world and I thought it was necessary to share it with the audience. Guys, you guys can do many things big or small, there is only one thing that you need and that is to persevere. Keep striving for your efforts like the Joads strove for California. One day that determination will pay off. I want to encourage all of you guys out there. You guys can do it! Persevere! You guys will do great. There is someone out there that is rooting for you all.

perseverance quote


2 thoughts on “Just A Little Encouragement

  1. Dude I love your entire blog, #followed ! Your humor is so tasteful and effective. I am glad your intellect has the wonderful forum to shine through. Keep on doing you!

  2. I really like the positive message you gave off in this blog post. I felt the same way while I was reading Grapes of Wrath. I find it really admirable how much determination and strive this family has.This theme is very relatable and I find it super encouraging and inspirational. I also loved you funny twist to your post, making it not only uplifting, but also humorous.

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