The Contemplation Of A Kangaroo/Life

*WARNING* this is rated a pg-13 for incredible profanity/ possibly a little higher.
*WARNING* this humor might not be for every viewer

This video was an incredibly funny video about the contemplation of what it means to be a Kangaroo. Obviously it is just a youtube commentator voicing over a kangaroo and a slice of its supposed life but I found some of his phrases very interesting and creative. I wanted to share this video with the viewers because I feel that there has been a lack of humor in this blog lately as it has been getting more hectic in school and interesting funny ideas are becoming increasingly more difficult to think of though obviously not impossible thanks to such beautiful inspiration as this youtube commentator.

For the viewers who watch this please comment and share your thoughts about this commentator and whether or not you thought it was funny. Also it would be nice if you all would share funny/interesting idea sources or inspirations (They could be youtube videos, blogs, joke sites etc.) Thank you!

Also thank you to Cr1TiKaL who made this video and shared it with the world.


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