Collaborative Writing 3/28’s Progress

Hello readersl. Happy April Fool’s day!. No this post isn’t about april fools or anything to do with trickery or the sort. It’s out collaborative writing progress share time! So far I feel as if this project has been going pretty smoothly lately with some creative and interesting pieces of work written by the children of the Boy’s and Girl’s Club. In the beginning of the project I thought of open ended and creative prompts so that the kids could put their creative imagination onto paper but eventually I felt the need to do so lessen and decided to try something new. I let the kids think of prompts themselves and then write about it. Prompts like “What kind of website would you have if you had one”, “What kind of pet would you have”, “If you could create a food what would it be”. These prompts were all thought of by the kids and to me it really shows that our project is working and that we’re able cultivate and nurture these kids’ creativity. Stay tuned for more progress, we are planning on compiling all the writing into a book.

great job


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