Collaborative Writing 4/8 Progress

Hello Readers I am back again with another important notice about out collaborative writing project. The days have been going by and after many days and many papers, I think the end of the project is near. I think my group and I have amassed around 40 papers right now and possibly more depending on how much longer we keep going. I want to tell the readers, if any of you read this at all, that we will be consolidating all of these papers into one book and we will be making a few copies of this book to distribute to the special kids that helped out with this project and really showed what creativity in its raw form is. I want to thank the kids for doing such a great job and for the activities leader Lisa that helped us with this project. We are not done yet but I just wanted to give a little thanks before the ending time comes.

*We are doing a creative poetry section in the book so watch out for that, raw poetry that comes form the minds of the young kids of Boys and Girls Club

**If any of you readers read this, would any of you like me to put the book online on this blog?


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