Not The End Of The Road For The Joads

In class we have finally finished the novel The Grapes Of Wrath and truth be told, it had its highs and lows. It was a book of interesting details yet there were also some boring tidbits that managed to butt their way into the story. There were chapters that talked about the general period of the time and chapters that talked about the Joad family and their struggles as migrants. The story of the Joads family is not merely a story of America’s history during the Great Depression, it is a way of Steinbeck’s expression of life. We as people walk on the path of life and there are often many twists and turns and ditches and obstacles on our path yet it is our duty to keep walking through on the path of life. The novel The Grapes Of Wrath have many aspects that still tie into ideals of today’s society such as determination, perseverance and struggle. There are trials and tribulations but somehow the Joads manage to make it through and that is the most important thing I would like to discuss with you readers.

By the way if you have not ever read the book I ask you to please stop reading this because I would like you to have read the novel before trying to understand this post and its contents. Anyway, the Joads go through a lot during their trip from Oklahoma to California and the transition from farmers to migrants was really tough on them. Yet, the family was able to stay strong together and keep moving on. Yes, they were faced with obstacle on top of obstacle, people who wanted to have their camps closed, people who wanted them out of California. It was a man eat man world, yet, they still managed to survive in California and walk their paths of lives. That is the most inspiring part of this novel that I think everybody should be inspired by. The fact that this family continues to push on and walk past their trials.

Looking at the date now, AP tests are closing in on AP students and the stress and pressure is increasing for students. these are the trials AP students have to go through and I think we must follow the Joad’s examples. Yea, the AP tests will be hard and yes, they will be stressful but that should not be enough to stop us from reaching our goals whether it be a 3 on the test or an A in the class or something that might not even be academic. Life goes on and we just have to keep walking on the path of life. The Joads certainly never stopped walking on theirs.


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