5/2/14’s Collaborative Writing Final Update Post!!!!!!!

Hey readers!! Can you believe it? It’s the last post I will be making about our collaborative writing with kids project and I just wanted to thank everybody if anybody that has even read or seen the title of the series. It’s been quite a project and working with the Boys and Girls Club was actually a very refreshing experience . We managed to get 40+ pages into our book and right now we are thinking about making it into an actual book with a binding but for now it is in a binder. Unfortunately as of now we are unable to find a way to release the whole book onto the web but most likely we will try to fit it all into one word doc and post it later on this blog.

Our project somewhat veered from our original idea of a storybook since we realized that it was way too difficult to make a consistent coherent story with different kids’ writing each time so we ended up having different subjects each writing session. Having different subjects actually helped with out goal for increased creativity because it allowed us to give more free open ended prompts that could generate all kinds of ideas from pizza burritos to unique animals like a bear shark. Overall I thought it was a pretty good project and in the end I hope that we at least somewhat managed to influence the kids and hopefully inspired them to be more creative and think outside the box.



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