Hello readers, I want to thank you all for staying with me on my blog and for supporting me all the way(only 2 years…). I want to thank you guys for reading my content and boosting my self esteem by commenting on the posts no matter how strange my posts are. I am sorry to say buy school is quickly approaching its end and so is the mandatory posts for this blog. Fortunately, I will still continue posting though at irregular schedules however they may be somewhat shorter in length and different in content. Unfortunately my blog posts may not appear as often as usual so I apologize for those who check up on my blog weekly for new content. I will however start focusing on things I do like and enjoy such as Dragon Ball Z or hilarious youtube videos I feel need to be shared with the world.

Sorry if this post was a downer for some of you readers. So, I’ve decided to start doing my own blog posts about things I’m interested in right now. Like right now in this very blog post. Lately I’ve been reminiscing of Dragon Ball Z and how amazing it was so I decided to re-watch and re-read the series and boy was it amazing. Along the way I ran across a type of parody known as the abridged version which features voice overs of the characters and I thought, wow this is some funny stuff. So I wanted to share this video of the justice league with a voice over. For any of the readers that know who Aquaman is, this may be funny to you guys. Enjoy! I will post again later this month so until then.


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