A Last Memory of Junior Year English

If you guys read the title, then you guys should know that these are my last few reflections about English and the experiences I have had during this year.

Let me give a little back story for you readers just so you guys will know at least some of the background of my recounting. I chose to take AP English 3 because I wanted more credit, more points, and more academic success. Hidden beneath all these ambitions, however, was the secret desire for a challenge. Now, I do enjoy my share of challenges, how many of you readers do too? AP English, Advanced Placement, more like (tough) Academic Pushing! Anyway I decided to take the course and just do my best to get an  A, and you know what, I did it! I got an A the first semester and I am hopefully getting another one second semester. What an achievement isn’t it? If you have read my past blog posts, and then slowly progressed up to my more recent posts, would you think there was any difference? If you say yes (please say yes) then that meant I would have improved in English. Hurray!

Back to the real story. I came into the class and I was expecting the same old routine of lugging around a giant English book and reading the incredibly boring 9001 pages in it. I thought that we students would have to memorize hundreds of words by the end of the semester and would be bombarded with tests and quizzes just to “test” our knowledge. All those preconceptions were erased when I saw the beautiful four fingered wave of our English teacher Mr. Ziebarth. I knew that something had to be different, whether it be his great love for tacos, his life unhindered by the feeling of thumbs, or his enthusiasm for great literary work. It had to be the thumbs. I think Ziebarth’s lack of thumbs makes him a more unique individual and teacher and that already sets him up from the rest. He can do the “live long and prosper” sign from Star Trek without having an annoying thumb in the way. He can live his life the way a person with thumbs lives and he’s perfectly fine with it.

Days would pass on and on and on, weeks would drag on or zoom by, months would just start coming down like the water from the toilet bowl. Time flew and I became engrossed in the class, I was not an individual anymore, I was one with the class. (Just kidding I’m still an individual, I just blend into the class when necessary. ) As time passed, I learned a lot from Mr. Z’s class. I learned the ability to analyze literary pieces in great depth, I learned how to write better essays, and one of the most memorable lessons, I learned the rhetoric of food. That was just great. I think if one thing can sum up life then it would have to be learning and food. You have to eat to live and you  will always be learning throughout your life so therefore in a long life there would be a lot of learning and food. That is an original line I came up with for you Mr. Z. If you ever read this, thank you for being a great teacher and for teaching me the ways of life through English. Lessons like the rhetoric of food were incredibly interesting and I enjoyed them very much.

Overall, this year in my English class has been a blast. Stay in schools kids.


4 fingers


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