Collaborative Writing With Kids Wrap Up and Overview

Hey readers! I just wanted to come back to our old Collaborative Writing Project one last time and wrap it up. I want to give the readers an overview of how it meant and the procedures. I am going to go back in time and start from the beginning of the project and progress until the end of the project giving a whole overview of the project. This will make it easier for people to look at the project as a whole and how it progressed over time.

We started this project around November 15,2013 and finished it around May 2, 2014. In the beginning we had a goal of instilling creativity and fostering creativity in young children. We initially wanted to try to create a whole coherent story with the children with them continuing the story themselves each time we went to the Boys and Girls Club but that was way to difficult. That was our initial golden idea but putting it into play was a whole different matter and we soon ran into a big problem, the kids wanted to write whatever they wanted and the story just became a jumbled mess. We then decided to create prompts that would still be open ended and would allow the kids to write about whatever they wanted. This method worked more efficiently and was overall a better much smarter way of going at our project. The kids that participated in our project also enjoyed this method because we would sometimes let them create their own prompts to write to. When the kids created their own prompts we could see some of the progress in our project, the kids were becoming more creative by themselves. Some of the kids we worked with grew to enjoy writing although the ones that were not as willing did not show much improvement. The kids all had creativity but we helped them grow and express their creativity through writing.

The days went by and we kept getting more and more creative papers from the kids until at the end we had around 40-50 pages in our book. It was a pretty good sized book with a lot of memories and creative thought written down. We finished our book and then said goodbye to the Boys and Girls Club. While we will not be going back there anymore to help the kids find different outlets for their energy and creativity, hopefully our project helped them learn. Hopefully it helped them learn  how to better express their creativity and hopefully they continue to do creative writings because we think it is extremely important for that aspect to be developed. The world revolves around technologies and advancements that were all thanks to creativity. If we foster creativity we are fostering the world. Now that is our project. Thank you


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