A Delicate Chill

            The Ice Queen, a being created through the beautiful combination of dairy products and other ingredients, a fusion of flavors complementing each other to create a supreme being.   Every night, the queen sits in her cold icy palace, commanding from afar, the retrieval of the princely spoon in order to be reunited time after time again until, alas, the warm connection must withdraw for the time. The melancholy story of the queen and her consort, the spoon, touches the heart, wishing for there to be a time when they will once again meet and be happy together.

Something must be done for the poor couple, for the two destined to meet only when there are enough funds to build a bridge connecting the monarch with the spoon. The queen and her consort separated by a great distance, the chasm between the two realms, the cold icy palace and the metallic court of silverware. Oh how will it be when they are together? Surely there must be majestic fireworks, explosions, and festivities? Floating in the air, the feeling people get when eight rainbows cascade simultaneously. Such happy bliss.

That is the feeling I get when I eat ice cream for the first time, the second time, the third time, and the ninety-ninth time. It’s as if a genius conductor was conducting a magnificent symphony inside my mouth! The pretty sounds melting and mixing together to make one loud harmonious voice. Childhood scenes, images of green flowery meadows, and sunsets all rise and ebb with each spoonful, like the sea does as the moon watches over it. Under the effect of ice cream, my life seems to flow and flow and flow. A force to be reckoned with, she always leaves me in a state of bliss comatose. Ice cream makes living such a marvelous activity.

Such is ice cream, such is perfection. Although her image may sometimes be distorted, ice cream is ice cream and the sense of fulfillment will always come, no matter how solid or melted. The marvelous flavors never end. So appealing and perfect, ice cream will always be in her icy palace, waiting for the day she finally reunites with her lover the spoon.

 ice cream


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